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Multimodal transportation refers to the transportation of the same goods using more than one mode of transport, usually based on a single, combined transport document. This means that cargo owners benefit from having their goods transported by a single operator, who takes responsibility for their delivery to the customer. Multimodal transport allows for door-to-door delivery, which is a convenient option for both parties.

Our company is able to deliver goods from almost any location around the world, and we take every measure to minimize costs and expedite delivery.

VOX Logistics carries out multimodal transportation of all kinds of cargo using the optimal combination of different modes of transport, including water, air, rail, and road transportation, as well as transshipment at various terminals. We ensure the safety of your cargo by controlling the loading and unloading process at transshipment points, providing complete information about the location of your goods at each stage of the transportation process within the scope of a single freight forwarder.

  • We will suggest the most efficient route
  • We will ensure the safety and security of your cargo throughout the journey.
  • We organize strict supervision of the goods at every stage of transportation.
  • We utilize the benefits of each mode of transport in partnership with trusted professionals to offer you the most cost-effective, fastest, and eco-friendly delivery possible.
  • Our team of experts guarantees the expertise, professionalism, and necessary experience to ensure the timely delivery of your goods to your customers.